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7th March 2016

E2 Energy Efficiency for Industry Conference, 13-16 June 2016 – Brussels, Belgium

E2 is a new initiative from Nadim Chaudhry, founder of Green Power Conferences.

Green Power Conferences was established in 2003 and has successfully run over 400 exhibitions, conferences and training courses in over 35 countries, from Maputo to Copenhagen from Denver to Jakarta. Nadim recognised that a swathe of changes were taking place in the energy efficiency market and has launched E2 to disseminate knowledge, spread best practice and accelerate energy efficiency in industrial markets. A highly focused information and live events platform, the E2 business is highly focused on accelerating the uptake of energy efficiency projects and reducing GHG emissions in industry. The topics will range from project financing, data management and insights, cultural and behavioural practices to a whole host of industry specific technologies including energy management systems, lighting, process technologies, voltage optimisation, variable speed drives, CHP cogeneration, waste heat recovery, waste gas reuse and Internet of Things.

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