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7th March 2016

1st ETA conference Energy and Thermal Management, Air Conditioning, Waste Heat Recovery, 1-2 December 2016 – Berlin, Germany

Efficient use of energy is of key importance to our future world, and involves both its sparing use and the intelligent utilization of available energy resources. Many ideas relating to the exploitation of as-yet unused energy resources are now at an advanced stage of development, while technologies for efficient use of energy are already available commercially. At the same time, proven solutions in one field can often be transferred to and used in other applications. As interdisciplinary cooperation increases in significance for future solutions, the time has come to adopt a cross-sector approach to this highly attractive business segment. IAV’s first ETA conference will bring together experts from research and development and from various fields (transport, industry and building engineering) to discuss the latest technological developments and applications for energy efficiency. ETA 2016 will expand the range of topics at the previous IAV thermoelectrics conference and focus on the main topic areas of: Energy and thermal management; Air conditioning; Waste heat recovery.

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